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End of term concert

End of School Concert – July 2015

The Summer Concert on July 12th lived up to its name: St George’s Church was a cool escape from the blazing sunshine outside.

Aran opened the concert with a performance of the traditional song Purple Heather.This was followed by the debut of Amy with Welsh Lullaby and Spring is Coming then, continuing the theme of the wrong season, Tyra played Collecting Conkers. Otto’s Sour Lemons refreshed us all for Lucy’s C’est le roi Dagobert and then there was another Summer Concert debut from Giulio with Ripples. Eleora’s Sailing in the Sun was an enticing prospect,followed by Haunted Mouse – not quite so tempting! then Finlay’s Moderato by Bartok paved the way for his performance of the James Bond theme.The world premiere of Midsummer Blues, composed and performed by Emily was the first of two new pieces; Sam followed with Cat’s Whiskers (catching that Haunted Mouse!) then his own composition Haunted House.The concert ended with two more pieces by Bartok: the dreamy Melody in the Mist preceding a spirited rendition of Jeering Song by Lottie.
Lucy Sam Emily