My teaching year is divided into three terms of ten weeks and a final summer term of six weeks. Lessons may be booked through the summer holidays on an ad hoc basis and will not necessarily be in the usual term time slot.

Term Dates 2017 – 2018
Autumn Term
Monday 11th September – Saturday 25th November with half term break from 23rd – 29th October.

Piano Party on Sunday 26th November.

Winter Term
27th November – 24th February with Christmas holidays from 21st December to 3rd January and half term February 12th – 18th.

Spring Term 2017
26th February – 26th May
Easter Holidays 30th March – 14th April
Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.

Spring Recital Saturday 19th May

Summer Term
4th June – 14th July

In addition lessons are available on 16th – 18th July to allow extra ‘spare’ lessons for unavoidable absences during the year.

Summer holiday lessons can be booked on an ad hoc basis through the rest of July and August.